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REAN Cloud provides migrations and deployment solutions using Lift & Shift, Refactor, and Redevelop approaches that empower innovation and facilitate safe and seamless cloud transition for organizations, without compromising productivity, security, customer service or budget. REAN uses AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Aurora, AWS Database Migration Service, AWS WAF, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS GovCloud (US) Region Skill, AWS Server Migration Service to provide flexibility to customer business services.

About Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

Windows migrations can be done in multiple ways, but few are effective and optimal. Choosing the correct Amazon services is critical in implementing a deployment well suited for efficient operations. In general, an Amazon EC2 Windows instance is similar to the traditional on-prem Windows Server, however there are differences. EC2 for Windows includes all of the cloud benefits associated with any EC2 instance, whereas using a traditional Windows server ultimately proves to be unscalable and costly for the end user.

Running Windows workloads on Amazon EC2 unleashes the ability to: Limit costs, scale bandwidth, increase reliability and uptime as well as fortify security.

How REAN Cloud helps AWS Customers with Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

As mentioned above, there are four key benefits to be leveraged:

1. Cost

Use of computing infrastructure on an as-needed basis, leveraging resources like storage based on the particular requirements, computing on demand in order to perform a job, and freeing up the resources when they are no longer needed, all save money.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Running Windows workloads on EC2 ensures that the application is readily available to scale up and down easily based on load. As long as the system is built in a modular fashion with individual loosely coupled, asynchronous components, scalability is easily achieved.

3. Reliability

Design for failures, outages, and restarts ensures system integrity is maintained and business services continue to run. Amazon EC2 for windows instances makes it easy to enable such features.

4. Security and Hardening

Adding various profile rules to ensure that the OS is hardened at the user-, processes- and Active Directory levels ensures a good Windows system setup. Further, adding this into an image sets it up for easy replication across business units and organizations. Providing hooks within the hardening setup to allow for changes, or going in for blue-green deployments to enable DevOps for EC2 for Windows servers, are cornerstone decisions in continuous improvement.

Success Stories

Insurance provider leverages cloud technology for quick, reliable and secure migration to AWS.
Commodity price reporting agency streamlines migration and increases data processing capabilities.
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