REAN Cloud DevOps: Fast, Accurate PoC Environments in the Cloud

May 3, 2017 |

As you can see from our new video, proof of concept environments (PoC) for new business prospects can take time. Delays in the development of complicated PoC environments can be extremely costly. Conflicting priorities and bottlenecks between various threads of execution can lead to a slowdown of weeks or months for the creation of working PoC environments, which can lead to increased time to deployment and the resulting decrease in revenue or even potential client loss.

Most PoC environments get delayed because of one of the following reasons:

  • Multiple steps involved in the process
  • Different team members responsible for different steps
  • Different methods of communication between team members
  • Coordination across various teams

Many of the issues in creating PoC environments aren’t restricted to PoCs alone. Team dependencies are the primary cause of delay in the development of many environments – business and otherwise, such as complicated research lab environments or large financial ones.

Automation is at the heart of many industry-leading transformative platforms. REAN Cloud’s REAN DevOps increases the speed and accuracy of the development of complicated PoC environments by integrating and automating much of the process, converting prospects into paying customers much more quickly.

In addition to automation, efficiencies are also made possible by harnessing the power of the cloud. Because the cloud represents a truly collaborative environment, all team members are on the same page in a way they have not been able to be before – even if they were working at the same location.

REAN Cloud has the experience and knowledge to help its customers get the most out of DevOps, the cloud and their much more accurate and efficiently produced PoCs.

Take a look at our newest video to know how REAN Cloud can help you

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