Leading Healthcare Company Reduces Deployment time from 20 to 5 Hours with REAN Cloud

September 7, 2017 |

Pramod Veerannagari, at  REAN Cloud, has executed more than a dozen projects in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector on both public and private clouds.

Based on all the healthcare and life sciences solutions that REAN Cloud has delivered, we have found that experience in DevOps-based deployments makes a great foundation for developing infrastructure as code (IaC) that is a cornerstone of any high-performing IT environment. Building software on an automated platform means being able to reuse and codify various activities performed in a cloud environment.

REAN Cloud recently helped a global healthcare company by reducing its deployment time of a new radiology analysis and reporting tool from three weeks to three hours. Before we came along, the main bottleneck was installing a complex environment that had 7 interdependent software components. This software needed to be installed at various hospital locations by field service engineers. As often happens, the field service engineers were not deeply familiar with nuances of the software systems installations. That’s why it’s critical to make these installations simple.

One of the reasons why deployment was taking so long was that the analytics application component was itself a complex system requiring integration of multitude of COTS and open source software. Manually installing this software took a long time and required many pages of instruction material. REAN Cloud’s unique solution using the REAN Deploy platform allowed delivery and installation in a single-click. But REAN Cloud didn’t just complete the deployment, we helped to transform the organization’s internal development processes into DevOps-based practices, improving the agility of solution delivery for all the deployments to come after.

The reduced deployment time and increased implementation speed, enabling the company to scale their solution for various hospitals and the healthcare industry as a whole.

The REAN Deploy platform helped in setting up CI/CD processes to make installations reliable and fully automated, increasing the delivery speed of the software. REAN Deploy allowed fast and easy deployment of a complete solution including seed data by leveraging features such as automated provisioning, configuration management automation, orchestration and end-to-end software configuration. Users can easily configure and deploy the environment in a single-click with the help of a graphical blueprint of the infrastructure environment provided by REAN Deploy without requiring any time to learn, understand or change back-end configuration elements.

AWS Infrastructure Automation Using REAN Deploy

The deployment automation was implemented on premises in VMWare environment and in AWS cloud environment. REAN Deploy used VMWare vCenter to automate the provisioning of instances on premises. For installation and configuration of Analysis software, REAN Deploy leveraged Ansible configuration management tool. Ansible scripts can be deployed as  packages in REAN Deploy and are associated with instances to run configuration on instances  during deployment.

REAN Deploy is pre-loaded with the necessary installation and configuration packages which can be taken to the target customers environment and executed to complete the software installation end-to-end.

Enterprises can rely on REAN Deploy as one of the leading tools to deploy software in an agile manner and deliver software to end customers with diverse environments. Using REAN Deploy, target environments can be pre-configured and the environment-specific variables can be filled in just before the on-premises or cloud installation.

Enterprises can now boost their innovation and agility on cloud. REAN Deploy is the perfect solution to reduce preparation and deployment time by codifying and reusing various activities while making the delivery process secure and consistent.

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