Ten Essential AWS Competencies for APN Partners and their Customers Part I

August 10, 2017 |

AWS APN Partners know that customers are looking for specific skills and experience to help meet the challenges they face in the cloud. For those in highly regulated industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Education, and the Public Sector, it can be especially challenging to pinpoint the right provider who can maximize their cloud investment and deliver the services needed for their unique organization.

AWS Competencies are a simple and effective way to spotlight APN Partners’ specialties and proficiencies across different industries. Incorporated into the cloud provider’s portfolio, the competency makes it easy for potential customers to find the right AWS cloud partner to deliver the right experience, solution and technology for the job at hand.

Here are the first five competencies we think are worth prioritizing and why:


REAN Cloud earned the AWS Migration Competency after demonstrating that we bring speed, security and automation to the migration process, while dramatically reducing the complexities associated with cloud migration. Of course, we went beyond the usual qualifications, moving workloads to the cloud 80 percent faster than most MSPs. While we seamlessly migrate on-premise applications and design, implement, and manage cloud infrastructure, our customers can focus on their day-to-day business processes. APN Partners who have a proven track-record of helping customers migrate workloads to AWS can also earn the AWS Migration Competency.


Cloud security is a hot topic, with a recent survey saying that 40 percent of organizations claimed unauthorized access to sensitive data from other tenants as the most pressing concern with public cloud deployments. APN Partners who demonstrate success in building products and solutions on AWS to support customers in multiple areas, including infrastructure security, policy management, identity management, security monitoring, vulnerability management, and data protection are prime candidates for the Security Competency.

Microsoft Workloads

APN Partners with the AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency status have demonstrated deep technical skill in their Microsoft practice and must prove a history of customer success in the design, migration, deployment and management of Microsoft-based applications on AWS.

Big Data

The Cloud provides an optimal solution for customers who don’t want to invest in additional data centers for their growing needs. APN Partners with the AWS Big Data Competency status must prove a history of success in helping customers evaluate and use the tools, techniques, and technologies of working with data productively, at any scale.


DevOps is one of REAN Cloud’s core services and is one of the main drivers behind many companies’ cloud migration. Our DevOps-driven services and DevOps Accelerators provide the tools to develop a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI|CD) workflow pipeline for easy development, testing and operations, and comprehensive support throughout enterprises’ unique environments. The AWS DevOps Competency recognizes APN Partners who have successfully helped customers plan their business transformation journey and implemented the processes to reach their goals.

To learn more about each of these competencies, and to see how REAN Cloud can help you pick which ones will most help your organization, visit www.reancloud.com/aws-competencies. Here is Part II that shares the remaining five AWS Competencies from our list.

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