The Three Phases of a Successful Cloud Migration

October 24, 2018 |

When enterprises consider a cloud migration, there are several factors they need to keep in mind: application development lifecycles, business relevance, security impacts, organizational roles, financial aspects of cloud service delivery and a host of other operational variables.

Running a full audit ahead of any migration – to better understand existing IT infrastructure and determining the existing gaps that need to be addressed – means companies can launch with sturdy footing.

With a focus on prioritizing cloud adoption, REAN Cloud recommends taking a phased approach to migration, including architecting, securing and monitoring cloud workloads.

It starts with three simple stages:

  • Preparing the launchpad – An assessment of where your company stands ahead of any migration, and determining the gaps that need to be resolved before getting started.
  • Restructuring and rehousing workloads – Once you have a solid foundation, we focus on deploying your applications to the cloud with our REAN Accelerated Migration Program.
  • Ushering in your new IT infrastructure – Completing a successful cloud migration requires several post-migration considerations and solutions specifically designed for the new cloud environment. We’ll help you get there.


To launch a successful cloud initiative, you need a partner that understands the technology, has a proven roadmap and the right platform to support a seamless, results-driven migration. We know because we’ve successfully helped hundreds of companies deploy thousands of workloads to the cloud with our REAN Accelerated Migration Program (RAMP).

Want to learn more? Check out our whitepaper on “The Three Phases of a Successful Cloud Migration” on how we’re moving workloads to the cloud, and then get in touch with a REAN Cloud expert to see how we can help you see results faster.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

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