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Using DevOps Accelerators

Adopting a DevOps culture is absolutely essential for enterprises seeking success in the cloud. DevOps enables you to continuously release new features and innovations, as well as deliver services and features that can be created to offer specific functionality and benefits to a variety of deployment end points.

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REAN Cloud’s DevOps expertise, as evidenced by our APN DevOps Competency, gives you the tools to develop a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI|CD) workflow pipeline for easy development, testing and operations. Our team has helped with the world’s largest DevOps deployments.


Custom DevOps Workflows

Development Environments

Continuous Integration Server

Server Bootstrapping

Source Code Repositories

Automated Code Builds

Binary Repository

Multi-Region For Global Presence


Spot-Instance Support


Automated Testing & Reporting For Unit, Security And Load Performance

Application Containers

AWS CloudFormation Templates

Multi-Cloud Deployments

Microservices implementations

AWS Lambda Function development

Serverless architectures with API Gateway and AWS Lambda

REAN Cloud provides you a suite of integrated softwares that are designed and tested to work with each other to accelerate your DevOps and Cloud migration journey. Our DevOps Accelerators increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and minimize downtime.

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Assess your application and/or system against the relevant security and compliance needs like HIPAA, HiTRUST, FedRAMP, PCI, etc. We also offer a DevOps Maturity Assessment service to understand the current state of your DevOps and Cloud readiness and help you bridge the gap to the next level of maturity with the use of appropriate tools and processes.

Migrate applications and/or systems to and between multiple Cloud Service Providers and on-premise data centers. This can be a complete migration to Cloud or a hybrid model with a combination of on-premise and Cloud infrastructure. We seamlessly migrate your on-premise applications. This automated solution will assist you in right-sizing the server instances to give you maximum cost savings without compromising on overall throughput.

REAN Deploy is a deployment automation tool to deploy and configure simple to complex environments reliably and repeatedly. Installations taking weeks can now happen in minutes – offering HIGH‐SPEED deployment automation. Create a visual representation of your application deployment and configurations, and deploy it completely with the click of a single button. REAN Deploy enables you to Deploy your application stack Anywhere, Anytime, on any Cloud or on-premises environment, in minutes!

A Cloud-based, DevOps centric, test automation tool, which creates dynamic testing infrastructure on the fly to perform rapid in-parallel cross-browser, functional, performance, load, and scale testing. It is a Continuous Testing (CT) tool that gives you the ability to test your web application and provides state-of-the-art test result data analytics.

Document your Technical (includes design, architecture, configuration, test results) and Process Controls to support your audit and compliance requirements.

Allow us to manage your environments (Development, Test, Staging, Pre-Production, Production, DR, etc) 24x7x365 and provide end-to-end support for all your Cloud infrastructure requirements. We leverage our own DevOps platform such as REAN Deploy, REAN Radar, REAN Test, and REAN Heal.

REAN Heal is REAN Cloud's state-of-the-art technology for auto-remediating of your most frequently occurring IT tickets. It auto-fixes over 20% of incoming alerts with zero human intervention.

Visualize historical and real-time information with the help of data that is collected and analyzed from Development, Testing, Deployment, Cost, Operation, Security, and Compliance metrics and logs.

I4C Innovations – Success Story

I4C Innovations I4C builds a suite of unique products and services for the companion animal market.   Their Voyce product offerings makes it easy to share pets’ progress, milestones, and health information with friends, family, trainers, and veterinarians.   They selected REAN Cloud as their cloud consulting partner to guide them through implementing best practices and to ensure the optimal use of AWS resources in delivering highly available and reliable application and data services.

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DevOps for Business Transformation

REAN Cloud partnered with their customer, Ellucian, to develop DevOps framework to transform their software delivery process for over 80 product lines.

Introduction to REAN Cloud

REAN Cloud, a Premier Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), specializes in helping clients migrate and manage their workloads on the AWS Cloud. We implement and maintain elastic, secure, and highly scalable architectures on the cloud that support complex, compliant operations in highly regulated industries such as the Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Education, and Public Sector verticals.

Email us at to learn how our DevOps accelerators can work towards implementing continuous integration, continuous development in your business processes. REAN Cloud is a registered trademark, and REAN Deploy, REAN Test, REAN Assess, REAN Radar, and REAN Heal are trademarks, of REAN Cloud LLC.