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We Offer

DevOps Accelerators

Assessment, on-boarding, migration and implementation management of your Ecosystem in public cloud

Cloud Optimized Migration

Proactive monitoring, patching, logging, alerting and back-up management of the customer’s public cloud environment

Governance and Compliance

Score card based securing of workloads to enable customer HIPAA, HITRUST and PCI Compliance requirements

Bi-modal IT Managed Services

Automation based Self Healing, Management portal for detailed visibility and transparency into IT to gently move

REAN Managed Services for Public Cloud Infrastructure

Deciding a high quality managed services provider for Public Clouds like AWS or Azure is a strategic planning decision. Gartner believes that “more than 75% of fully successful implementations will be delivered by highly skilled, forward-looking, boutique managed service providers with a cloud-native, DevOps-centric service delivery approach”.

For Mode 1 customers, REAN Cloud helps in migrating existing data center to the cloud. The company helps in automating existing process, helps in achieving standardization and provide some cloud-native capabilities to obtain improved efficiency and agility. REAN DevOps platform brings automation capabilities but also retains traditional ITIL processes in place as part of the phased migration.


Customer value with Agile/DevOps – Mode 2

REAN Cloud DevOps Accelerators diagram_final 2 (1)


A suite of software that bundles integrated set of products that are designed and tested to work with each other. Products such as REAN Migrate, REAN Deploy, REAN Test, REAN Docs and more form a part of the REAN DevOps platform.

What do you get? How we do it?
A suite products tailored to your DevOps requirements. Team of experts build your DevOps CI|CD pipelines.
Migrate your workloads the CI|CD way. Ability to choose from various tools based on the application and environment requirements.
DevOps tool chain based on your application stack requirements. Constantly update your pipelines with new cookbooks and test cases.
Automated deployments and tests build into the pipelines. Separate Dev / Test / Pre-Prod / Prod environments increase your efficiency.
Ability to visualize your environment using dashboards. Document all the steps in the implementation pipeline.

REAN Radar

  • Choose the right cloud services

  • Configure them appropriately

  • Setup shared responsibility model for the guest OS, middleware and applications

  • Address new challenges in governance and financial management

  • Create a customized ecosystem that is a customer centric services layer on top of public cloud IAAS offerings to bridge, adapt, and efficiently leverage the public cloud

Visualize information with the help of dashboards that is abstracted from Development, Testing, Deployment, Cost, Security, Compliance and Operation metrics.

What do you get? How we do it?
A combination of dashboards to visualize your environments. Single utility to visualize metrics from various data-points and across different domains.
Ability to visualize and infer from cost, performance, development and security based metrics. CISO dashboard based on the guidelines from Center for internet Security (CIS).
CEO, CFO, CTO, CISO and COO dashboards. People, Process and Infrastructure costs.
Compliance reporting and visualization Varied data sources verify for accurate visualizations. Get near to real metrics for cost and performance.


  • Very low MTTR (Mean time to Repair)

  • High Stability

  • High Availaibility

  • Minimize Repetitive Manual Effort

  • Attrition-free knowledge base that is being constantly used

  • Very low cost of L1 operations with high speed

REAN Heal is REAN Cloud’s state-of-the-art technology for auto-remediation inside a “traditional” managed service environment. It auto-fixes 20%+ alerts with zero human intervention.

What do you get? How we do it?
Automated Modular REAN Heal solution. Event rule engine, to help write custom rules.
Automatically heal your servers. Decision making on which healing scripts to run, when and where.
Automated fixed alerts on thousands of servers. Asynchronous communication between REAN Heal server and the host to be healed – provides the scale and performance needed for the solution. Monitored host fetches and executes the healing script.
Maintains audit trail. REAN Heal server provides the scripts from a Git repository leverage git auditing to manage trail

If you are interested in learning more about how REAN Cloud can help your business move massive amounts of data to the AWS Cloud or to have your IT workloads be more agile, innovative, and cost effective, please contact us today at info@reancloud.com.

Ellucian – Success Story

As a technology leader for higher education, Ellucian needed to offer colleges and universities a path move to the cloud, through their software and services. See how REAN Cloud innovated a cloud solution to help this provider of higher education technology successfully transform their business in the cloud.

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Ditech – Success Story

Ditech provides residential mortgage products. The company wanted to modernize their IT infrastructure and add new products and features to their website and applications, while reducing costs by migrating their business applications to the cloud. While Ditech chose AWS, based on costs, security, agility, and comprehensive IT platform, it selected REAN Cloud’s Technical Implementation Services for a professional services partnership. The on-going partnership included creating a hybrid cloud infrastructure, a best-in-class security architecture and also federating identity management with Active Directory integration.

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Worldwide Incident Command Services Corporation (WICS)

The REAN Cloud Technical Implementation Services team provided the software and systems development for engineering Raven’s transition to AWS Cloud. REAN Cloud’s development work was to take the code from MIT LL, posted on the open source library GitHub, debug and make it operational on AWS. The REAN team assessed WICS operational needs developing a technology strategy that incorporated the following core requirements:

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