Continuous Innovation Through DevOps

Adopting a DevOps culture is absolutely essential for enterprises seeking success in the cloud. DevOps enables you to continuously release new features and innovations, as well as deliver services and features that can be created to offer specific functionality and benefits to a variety of deployment end points.

REAN Cloud’s DevOps expertise, as evidenced by our APN DevOps Competency, gives you the tools to develop a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI|CD) workflow pipeline for easy development, testing and operations. Our team has helped with the world's largest DevOps deployments. Our AWS certified DevOps engineers and Professional Solution Architects help you construct the right CI|CD pipeline for your needs. Take advantage of this unique offering and accelerate your development, integration, testing and validation workflows.

Check out how REAN Cloud’s DevOpsNow suite of applications accelerate the Application Life Cycle and Cloud Migration.

Continuous Innovation Through DevOps


Custom DevOps Workflows

Development Environments

Continuous Integration Server

Server Bootstrapping

Source Code Repositories

Automated Code Builds

Binary Repository

Multi-Region For Global Presence


Spot-Instance Support


Automated Testing & Reporting For Unit, Security And Load Performance

Application Containers

AWS CloudFormation Templates

Multi-Cloud Deployments

Microservices implementations

AWS Lambda Function development

Serverless architectures with API Gateway and AWS Lambda


  • Source code repository for version control and code reuse

  • Binary and artifact repository to store and share compiled code and libraries using Amazon S3 limitless storage capacity

  • Continuous Integration server to manage dependencies and build processes, with customized testing phases, rollback, and manage blue/green deployments

  • Project Management services to integrate trouble tickets and user stories to release candidates and track progress of pipeline activities

  • Build server to pull source code and dependencies to create binaries

  • Provides developers with a consistent and reproducible environment with all dependencies and configurations automatically included to reduce setup time

  • Configuration management scripts and playbooks to develop the desired Amazon Machine Image or virtual machine image

  • Dynamic Configuration to deploy application stack to multiple end-user environments such as the AWS Cloud, an Open-Stack compliant data center, or other public or private cloud environments

  • Automation of testing such as unit, performance, load, security, and any other testing phases that need to be incorporated

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I4C Innovations – Success Story

I4C Innovations I4C builds a suite of unique products and services for the companion animal market.   Their Voyce product offerings makes it easy to share pets’ progress, milestones, and health information with friends, family, trainers, and veterinarians.   They selected REAN Cloud as their cloud consulting partner to guide them through implementing best practices and to ensure the optimal use of AWS resources in delivering highly available and reliable application and data services.

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