REAN Managed Services (MGS)

At REAN Cloud, partnership and expertise go hand in hand. Our managed services and solutions give you everything you need to ensure success before, during, and post-deployment. It’s everything you’d want from a Premier Partner.

As part of the Managed Services on AWS, we offer:

  • Advisement on assessment, onboarding, migration and implementation through operationalization by providing services, software and methodologies to accelerate IT infrastructure migration to AWS
  • Proactive monitoring, automation, patching, logging, alerting and back-up management of the customer’s AWS environment
  • Securing of workloads to enable customer HIPAA, HITRUST and PCI Compliance requirements
  • Operational process and procedures based on industry standards such as ITIL

REAN Managed Services (MGS)

Threat Center

Manage threats from insiders, outsiders and co-tenants in same AWS account.


Real-time, multi-dimensional data from AWS, Newrelic, WhiteHat and over 50 other sources.


Chatter is a social backbone that connects people and infrastructure. Yes, the servers are talking.

Cost Management

From budget limits to chargeback reports. Control cloud costs and find savings.

Cloud Trail +

Advanced Cloud Trail search. CMDB and Change Management Integration.

Trusted Advisor +

Custom policies, case assignment logic, 3rd party issue management and escalation.


Use our unified monitoring platform or we hook into yours.

Usage Analytics

Serious analytics about who and how uses AWS. Detect trends and create custom dashboards.

Change Management

Detect sensitive changes and activate workflows.

Backup and Replication

Scheduled EC2 and RDS instance backup and replication.

Deployment Orchestration

Consistent process model for building and deploying apps with DevOps.

REAN Managed Services (MGS) Enterprise
Support Staff Coverage 24×7 (email and phone)
General Management Activities x
Infrastructure Maintenance x
Problem Management x
Performance Management x
Change Management x
Service Reporting x
System Monitoring x
System Patching and Maintenance x
High Availability/Disaster Recovery x
Security Management x
Client Specific Services x
Web Servers (IIS, Apache, etc) x
App Servers (.Net, Sharepoint, Tomcat, etc) x
DB Servers (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle ,etc) x
Others x

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring of all instances under our support contracts as per the agreed SLA’s
  • Set capacity notices to allow us to notify you of any impending storage/space issues that may arise, in accordance with agreed-upon levels
  • Manage alarm notification list

Access Management

  • Manage permissions that control the AWS accounts to launch instances
  • Manage EC2 Security Groups and manage rules for each security group that allow traffic to or from its associated instances

Change Management

  • Provide impact analysis associated with proposed changes
  • Propose maintenance release schedules and release plan
  • Implement approved changes per approved Change Request Procedures
  • Manage changes to the baseline, project plan, committed maintenance and enhancement dates
  • Respond to alerts and notify customers about changes in status within terms of the SLA
  • Suppress redundant alert notifications pertaining to same root cause
  • Generate tickets for selected alert types using ticketing system
  • Maintain audit trail of all detected alert conditions and their resolution lifecycle
  • Perform regular assessments and recommend to Customer changes in handling procedures or inventory of monitors

Problem Management

  • Propose Incident/Problem workflow, escalation, communication and reporting processes that support the Service Level Requirements
  • Troubleshoot and triage tickets using available tools and knowledge bases
  • Manage entire Incident/Problem resolution lifecycle, including detection, diagnosis, progress reporting, repair and recovery, documentation and knowledge base updates
  • Record resolution in the trouble ticket
  • Ensure Incident Resolution activities conform to defined Change Control procedures
  • Conduct proactive trend analysis to identify recurring problems, identify associated consequences and provide report to Customer
  • Track and report monthly recurring Incidents, problems and failures and communicate associated consequences to Customer
  • Recommend solutions to Customer to address trends, recurring Incidents, problems or failures
  • Review and approve solutions to address trends, recurring incidents, problems or failures

General Responsibilities

  • Coordinate network requests, such as bandwidth changes, IP address and firewall changes
  • Recommend improvements to Infrastructure security architecture and tools
  • Audit Operations and Administration policies for compliance with REAN security policies and Service Agreement terms and conditions
  • Identify root causes of issues and recommend changes to avoid future occurrences
  • Notify customer of all activities that would impact customer’s use of REAN services, including maintenance, incident response, scheduled improvements
  • Work with cloud provider technical team to troubleshoot issues and restore Infrastructure service in case of an outage

Routine Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Our remote monitoring and support agent allows us to update and patch all systems in a timely and secure manner including (OS updates/upgrades; resizing EBS volumes for growth, etc.)
  • Truncate Database OS and Application server logs
  • Important patches will be updated as early as practicable after the release
  • If a patch requires reboot of an AMI, will apply AMI process to apply the patch
  • The AMI patch process involves applying the patch to the AMI, verifying and then rewiring it to be the production server
  • Test and apply non-critical vendor software patches according to an agreed upon schedule
  • Perform regular maintenance of the environment, addressing event log errors and warnings

Performance Monitoring

  • Web Server (Apache) Monitoring
    • Active Connections (count): The number of active connections currently attached to Apache
    • Idle Workers (count): The number of idle workers currently attached to Apache
    • Requests (count): The number of requests per second serviced by Apache
  • Application Server (Tomcat) Monitoring
    • Threads: Total and busy threads in the Tomcat process
    • Requests: The number of completed and error requests that took place
    • Sessions: How many sessions are active in Tomcat
  • Application Server (JVM) Monitoring
    • Active JVM Threads
    • JVM Heap memory usage
    • JVM Non-Heap memory usage
  • Database Server (MySQL) Monitoring:
    • Connections (count): The number of connections currently attached to MySQL
    • Select Queries (count): The number of select queries being run
    • Insert Queries (count): The number of insert queries being run
    • Update Queries (count): The number of update queries being run

Network Management

  • Create and manage Dynamic DNS records in Route 53
  • Manage existing routing tables, subnets/or edit existing subnets
  • IP Ranges (including EIP Management)
  • Gateway Management (AWS to AWS or AWS to on premise)
  • Security Groups (Creation / Editing / Management)

Service Reporting

  • Provide monthly status reviews including reporting depicting performance against each service level requirement as below
    • SLA Report
    • Utilization report (Resource usage report)
    • Incident / Change reports
    • Ticketing reports
    • Cost reports (If applicable)
    • Security reports (logins, intrusion, DOS, and other anomalies
  • If triggered by an alarm, email is sent to REAN internal support alias – which is monitored 24/7
    • A Trouble ticket is created
    • Customer notified of the incident with an ETA for resolution
    • Regular updates will be provided, update frequency will vary based on severity of the incident
  • Provide status reviews with Customer manager counterparts to discuss incident activity, enhancement work (including backlog and new requests), planning and issue resolution
  • Security Monitoring – Network and Web Server Protection (IDS/IPS)
  • Intrusion protection: Deep packet inspection engine, 18,000+ patterns
  • Selective IPS patterns for maximum performance and protection
  • IPS pattern aging algorithm for optimal performance*
  • Flood protection: DoS, DDoS and port scan blocking
  • Country blocking by region or individual country (over 360 countries) with separate inbound/outbound settings and exceptions
  • Reverse proxy
  • URL and Form hardening engine
  • Deep-linking control
  • Directory traversal prevention
  • SQL injection protection
  • Cross-site scripting protection
  • HTTPS (SSL) encryption offloading
  • Cookie signing with digital signatures

Anti-Virus/Spam Protection

  • We deploy an anti-virus/spam solution to all computers under our support, thus eliminating additional maintenance costs for our clients eliminating the needs for yet another contract to manage.

Data Backup

  • We work with each individual client to determine the appropriate local and/or offsite backup solutions.  Decisions about what backup solutions to deploy will be made based upon cost, feasibility, and disaster recovery planning and needs.  The basis for our backup programs includes both file level backup and imaging components with storage options back to your local datacenter or to Amazon Web Services S3 storage solution.

Managed Services Clients

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