Cloud Technology Brings the AHA Precision Medicine Platform to Life


The Challenge

The medical community generates extensive research data daily, yet doesn’t have a centralized repository to store it. As a result, researchers often spend time and money searching for or replicating data. The American Heart Association (AHA) wanted to develop a platform to help cardiovascular researchers more easily discover data and collaborate.

The Solution

REAN Cloud used REAN Deploy to implement a well-architected, secure 7-layer virtual private cloud (VPC). This included deploying a REAN Radar solution to monitor the movement and status of data at all times through a proprietary dashboard. The result was a platform that allowed increased visibility and access to a variety of data, as well as better collaboration tools.


The Platform will harness the power of big data to revolutionize the way cardiovascular research is performed and speed the promise of precision cardiovascular medicine. REAN Cloud was instrumental in bringing to life a rich and diverse data marketplace where researchers can work collaboratively and securely to advance cardiovascular outcomes with the speed and precision that has not been possible until now.

Jen Hall - PhD, Chief of the Institute of Precision Cardiovascular Medicine
American Heart Association

AHA Launches Precision Medicine Platform with Amazon Web Services

Announcing a strategic business relationship with Amazon Web Services in the creation of the Precision Medicine Platform – a global, secure and diverse data discovery marketplace that will help revolutionize how researchers and clinicians access and analyze data to accelerate cardiovascular science.

American Heart Association Precision Medicine Platform - NIH Commons Credits Overview

The American Heart Association Precision Medicine Platform is a cloud-based data resource that revolutionizes how the research community accelerates solutions for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. It provides managed datasets and a high powered data science environment focused on disease related precision medicine research. The Precision Medicine Platform was developed for the American Heart Association by REAN Cloud and can be used with the NIH Commons Credits program.


REAN Genomics is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that adds agility and flexibility to your genomics research on AWS Cloud at a monthly subscription model.

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