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Cloud use cases for drug discovery and healthcare-related data analytics could scarcely get better. Data lakes contain every last component of the human genome, the characteristics of every known compound, clinical trial observations, efficacy or toxicity stats of every medicine, and patient electronic medical records across population swaths. Scaled AI platforms learn and analyze across amazing breadths of such information – from cell mutations to scientific journal findings — to conceive or confirm hypotheses. And virtual infrastructure itself enables the sheer capacity and throughput to collect, process, screen and target alongside these resources.

REAN Cloud’s primary focus in enabling these transformative capabilities is to address security and compliance needs up front. We embed necessary controls into the cloud operating environment via automation and adoption of Infrastructure as Code when deploying and maintaining secure foundations on AWS. This approach works especially well for both the Healthcare and Life Sciences verticals and is a reason why REAN Cloud continues to deliver results for our customers in these competitive markets.

REAN Cloud leverages a variety of tools from our ISV partners (Including SOPHOS, Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro) to help customers achieve results and compliance on the AWS cloud. In addition to our partners’ solutions, REAN Cloud has engineered tools such as REAN Radar to help simplify the task of meeting compliance requirements. REAN Radar is a centralized platform for operational intelligence to help:

  • Visualize historical and real-time cost, security, compliance and operations metrics in persona-based dashboards
  • Provide monitoring, alerting, and reporting to meet specific compliance requirements
  • Provide quick insights into IT costs to drive profitability and business performance
  • Protect business assets by understanding the threat landscape and tracking any drift in security posture

Healthcare / Life Sciences Clients

Aledade Alexion-Pharmaceuticals Claritas-Genomics-logo globus-genomics-logo PierianDx

American Heart Association Success Story

The American Heart Association's ambition is to vastly improve patient outcomes by providing faster access to data, state-of-the-art tools, technologies and innovations that enable sharing and discovery. REAN Cloud helped implement this vision by launching a Precision Medicine marketplace around data to accelerate scientific discovery.

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PierianDx Success Story

REAN Cloud provided the customer a complete service offering from developing a hybrid architecture, migrating the solution into the AWS Cloud, and managing the entire environment on a daily basis while continuously meeting HIPAA compliance requirements with REAN Managed Services (MGS). With our ability to provide end-to-end consulting and managed services, REAN Cloud was selected as a trusted consulting and operations partner.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Transition to AWS Cloud - Video

This video is the webinar recording for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Transition to AWS Cloud - GxP by Sean Finnerty, Executive Director, Health and Life Sciences at REAN Cloud.

REAN Genomics Solution

REAN Genomics is a comprehensive, turnkey solution that adds agility and flexibility to your genomics research on AWS Cloud at a monthly subscription model.

  • aledade-win-new

    “Aledade partners with primary care physicians to deliver quality, personalized care to the communities they serve. Already all-in on AWS, and with its own DevOps Engineers and Software Engineers, Aledade sought help from REAN Cloud because of the deep subject matter expertise on security and healthcare. REAN Cloud’s staff were a huge help navigating HIPAA/HITECH compliance best practices on approved cloud services. They also had extraordinary attention to detail on security matters and are leaders at defining best practices on AWS. For all of our engagements with REAN, they had a ScrumMaster that helped keep both companies’ engineers focused on the important deliverables.”

    Chris Cope - DevOps Lead at Aledade

  • “The Platform will harness the power of big data to revolutionize the way cardiovascular research is performed and speed the promise of precision cardiovascular medicine,” said Jenn Hall, PhD, Chief of the Institute of Precision Cardiovascular Medicine at the American Heart Association. “REAN Cloud was instrumental in bringing to life a rich and diverse data marketplace where researchers can work collaboratively and securely to advance cardiovascular outcomes with the speed and precision that has not been possible until now.”

    Jen Hall - PhD, Chief of the Institute of Precision Cardiovascular Medicine

    American Heart Association


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