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REAN Cloud engaged in a data center migration project with a leading provider of global Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, who is transforming the way organizations create, operate, and service their products.  The customer is a leader in revolutionizing digital 3D design and was the first to market Internet-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.  The customer’s solutions assist global manufacturers, partners, and developers to capitalize on the opportunity of the IoT today, while also continuing to develop and deliver innovative solutions.

Customer Challenge

As our customer’s business continued to grow, they faced a problem due to their success.  The volume of data that required tape back-up in their data center was increasing exponentially.  Traditionally, the company employed a backup and archival tape solution from an industry leader in data backup and recovery applications.  As the company’s volume of data continued to grow, the existing architecture required near continuous tape backups to multiple storage arrays.  Backing up to physical media in a data center required a lot of manual effort, lacked on-demand scalability, and was costly to our customer.

The customer also wanted to minimize their data center footprint, improve efficiency, and reduce operating costs by moving these resources to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.  The data center migration would allow them to capitalize on the advantages of cloud computing including access to a flexible, highly-scalable, and reliable AWS service model and service offerings.  The company planned to eventually eliminate their data center presence for their backup solution once their migration to the AWS Cloud was complete.  To accomplish their goal, the customer needed to move terabytes of data stored in their data center to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).  Amazon S3 is an object storage platform with the ability to store virtually unlimited amounts of data into the cloud.

The project would require three primary efforts:

1. Remove the stored backup data from the customer’s data center
2. Migrate the customer’s data to the AWS Cloud platform
3. Implement a cloud-based architecture for backup and storage of company data going forward

Moreover, it was critical that the project be implemented with minimal disruption to their current business operations.  Additionally, the customer did not want to incur incremental operating costs, and it was imperative the migration was performed and completed quickly.

The customer realized in order to migrate an extensive store of critical data to the AWS Cloud with minimal disruption to their business, they needed a strong storage and an experienced AWS Cloud consulting partner.  So, they engaged REAN Cloud to address the challenge and help them achieve their goals in a timely manner.

The REAN Cloud Solution

REAN Cloud, an AWS Premier Partner with Migration Competency, designed a solution leveraging cost-saving technologies and project management expertise that was delivered on time and under budget.  REAN Cloud’s engineers employed AWS Snowball to move the customer’s data from company data centers to an Amazon S3 bucket to the AWS Cloud.  AWS Snowball is a terabyte-scale data transport solution utilizing secure appliances to transfer large amounts of data into and out of AWS.  AWS Snowball addresses many common challenges in executing large-scale data transfers including high network costs, long transfer times, and data security concerns.  Transferring data with AWS Snowball was very effective in moving critical data securely to the cloud and all at a cost approximately one-fifth that of high-speed Internet data transfer alternatives.

REAN Cloud’s data migration solution employed the latest cloud-based features of CommVault technology for backup and restore after the migration.  REAN Cloud configured CommVault to directly work with both AWS Snowball and Amazon S3, providing for a seamless transfer of critical data with minimal downtime for our customer.  Furthermore, data migration solution eliminated the need for the customer to directly manage their local storage.  REAN Cloud’s solution has proven to be highly scalable while providing greater flexibility at significantly lower operational costs.

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  • “The engineers at REAN Cloud made what appeared to be a daunting project, fast, easy, and simple.  The REAN team implemented an extremely scalable, high speed, secure solution which allows for easy data retrieval.  The design and infrastructure saves us significant money and affords us peace of mind.  Engaging REAN Cloud to manage our migration to the AWS Cloud was extremely beneficial.”

    - Company Project Manager

PTC diagram_Feb 16Data Center to AWS Migration via AWS Snowball

Benefits from the Migration to AWS Cloud

Today, the customer realizes many advantages the AWS Cloud offers.  The AWS infrastructure is highly scalable and the customer has access to unlimited and on-demand storage.  The solution is more efficient as it enables the customer to operate at significant cost savings.  The customer also benefits from automation and they realize seamless and continuous backups which are paramount to their daily business operations.  The company’s business continues to grow while the flexibility of the REAN Cloud design and the AWS Cloud helps them do so seamlessly and efficiently.

“We at REAN Cloud are passionate about our Migration practice and we take great pride in our ability to dive deep and solve complex problems for customers so that they can focus on their core competencies while we design, implement, and manage their cloud infrastructure,” said Ben Butler, Vice President of Marketing and Partners at REAN Cloud.

If you are interested in learning more about how REAN Cloud can help your business move massive amounts of data to the AWS Cloud or to have your IT workloads be more agile, innovative, and cost effective, please contact us today at

About REAN Cloud

REAN Cloud is a cloud-native firm with deep experience supporting enterprise IT infrastructures and implementing continuous integration, continuous delivery pipelines.  With its headquarters at Herndon, VA, the company has implemented complex and highly scalable architectures which support secure, compliant operations in highly regulated industries such as the Financial Services, Healthcare/Life Sciences, Education, and Public Sector verticals.  The company’s team has extensive AWS expertise and DevOps experience that ensures quick, secure, and reliable launch of clients’ solutions with no capital investments needed to procure hardware or services.  REAN Cloud team has worked with global organizations including American Heart Association, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Ditech Mortgage, Ellucian, Globus Genomics, PierianDx, SAP, SAP NS2, Symantec, Teradata and Veritas, and was proud to be named “Best AWS Consultant/Integration Partner” at the 2016 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards.  REAN Cloud solutions are bundled with advanced security features to help address clients’ compliance needs.